This is your Brain on Stocks

This is a work in progress:

I have been putting together a presentation on cognitive foibles as applied to investors, and the folks at Agora were nice enough to let me use them as guinea pigs.

Long time readers know that I don’t care very much for the way most presenters use Powerpoint; I do not want to listen to someone stand in the front of the room and read verbatim slide after slide. So each table/chart/graphic is really a jumping off point for a discussion. As such, this is not the full version of the presentation without the audio.

This is your brain
This is your brain on Equities.
Any questions?

If you are interested in this sort of stuff, you can delve deeper into it by looking at our prior Psychology/Sentiment postings . . .



Update: October 10, 2012

Here is the finished presentation, in PDF and Video form

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