10 Electric Monday AM Reads

Hey, I have electricity in the office! A welcome change from what the weekend storm damage wrought.  If I actually had electrical power, this is what I would be reading:

This curious title requires a closer look: S&P 500 at Reagan Recession Values After $2.3 Trillion Drop (Businessweek)
• Robust Profits Face Hurdles (WSJ) see also Consumer fears put economy on the brink (Washington Post)
• Europe’s Big Mistake (New Yorker)
Hussman’s Unhedged Recession Call: A Reprieve from Misguided Recklessness (Hussman Funds)
• Alan Krueger to chair CEA (WSJ) was called an “excellent choice” by George W Bush’s CEA Chair (Greg Mankiw)
• The Rescue That Missed Main Street (NYT) see also A how-to guide for fixing America’s banks (Washington Post)
• Dollar Cheap in Purchasing Power as Investors See Shelter (Businessweek)
• Recovering From a Balance-Sheet Recession (Economix)
• Tim Cook: Apple’s New CEO and the Most Powerful Gay Man in America (Gawker) see also Don’t ignore Tim Cook’s sexuality (Salmon)
• How Hard Is It To Get a Cartoon Into The New Yorker? (Slate)

What are you reading?


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