10 Tuesday PM Reads

This is what I will be reading on the way home tonight:

• Debt ceiling: Winners (FT.com) and Losers (FT.com)
• Investors Made a Fortune Betting on U.S. Treasuries (Bloomberg)
• The Obama Downgrade, Alphabetically (WSJ)
• More Than Meets the Eye (Hussman Funds)
• MBA Head Cozy with Banks While at the FHA (American Banker)
• Is a Balanced Budget Amendment a Good Idea? (Economix)
• How Apple would solve the debt crisis (Market Watch)
Jay Rosen: Journalism in the Internet Age (The Browser)
• Speaker Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Agreement Presentation (The Big Picture)
Hilarious! The Great Debt Ceiling Debate!  (Hovac On The Hill)

What are you reading?


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