10 Wednesday PM Reads

My Instapaper is loaded for bear for the ride home:

• Washington’s battle is a diversion (FT.com)
• Market’s major trend now down (Marketwatch)
• The U.S. economy needs to break its stimulus habit (Fortune) see also U.S. Economy Needs a New Business Model (WSJ)
• Deficit-Cutters Ignore El-Erian’s Growth ‘Denominator’ (Bloomberg)
• Chinese Hackers Assault USA: Enter the Cyber-dragon (Vanity Fair)
• Getting Bin Laden (New Yorker)
• Murdoch Hacked Us Too: How News Corp Corrupted The USA  (NY Mag)
• Match.com: Taking the world’s biggest dating site to a new level (FT.com)
• That’s Not Funny, That’s C.K. (GQ.com)
• Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is (The Onion)

What are you reading?


Delightful cartoon, circa December 2008, via Guidepostings

We obviously are not quite there yet . . .

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