10 Friday AM Reads

Good Friday morning — here are today’s 10 most interesting reads at the opening bell:

It Zigs, It Zags: U.S. Market Rises 4% After a Down Day (NYT) see also What’s Spooking Investors? (NPR)
• The US downgrade has benefited Treasuries but sent France and French banks reeling (Ian Fraser)
• Judgment Call: Appraisals Weigh Down Housing Sales (WSJ)
• Robert Rubin, Bank America and the fate of the dollar (Institutional Risk Analyticssee also Equity Capital Of A Bank As A Call Option On Bank’s Assets (Also Sprach Analyst)
• Standard & Poor’s, others lobby government while rating its credit (Washington Post)
• WTF?!?: Short Selling of Stocks Banned in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium (Bloomberg) and Turkey Joins Greece, South Korea in Curbing Short Sales After Global Rout (Bloomberg)
• Could QE3 Help the Economy? (Yahoo Finance)
• Debt: The Forgiveness Fix (Businessweek)
• Meet the Supercommittee (New Deal 2.0) see also The Case for Republican Economic Sabotage (Huffington Post)
• What’s Facebook Doing With All the Numbers in My Cell Phone? (Gawker)

What are you reading?


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