10 Monday PM Reads

Here’s what’s on my Instapaper for the ride home:

• Can the Middle Class Be Saved? (The Atlantic)
• Quelle Surprise! New York Fed Director Shills for Bank of New York, Argues Against Rule of Law (Naked Capitalism)
• Corporatism masquerading as Liberty (Credit Write Downs) see also Turn Left for Growth (Project Syndicate)
• Warren Buffett Stop Coddling the Super-Rich (NYT)
• Tracking tweets proves profitable for Derwent Capital (Financial News)
• William D. Cohan: Ending the Moral Rot on Wall Street, Part 1: (Bloomberg) Part 2: (Bloomberg)
• Shorting as a Blood Sport (The Reformed Broker)
• Record Industry Braces for Artists’ Battles Over Song Rights (NYT)
• First life: The search for the first replicator (New Scientist)
• Happy Birthday Hitch! 4 Alfred Hitchcock Secrets (Mental Floss)

What are you reading?


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