10 Tuesday AM Reads

Let’s start the new month (and new school year) off with a bang, via these interesting reads:

• Welcome to Sucktember (The Reformed Broker) see also And Now, the Cruelest Month (WSJ)
• Of Princeton pair Krueger & Krugman, it matters which is going to Washington (Washington Post)
Wolf: Struggling with a great contraction (FT) see also IMF: global economy faces a ‘threatening downward spiral’ (The Telegraph)
• Economic Rx: More Refinancing (WSJ) see also Mortgage Rates Plumb the Depths, but Hard Part Is Getting That Quote (WSJ)
Keene: Gross Says Operation Twist Likely From Fed (Businessweek)
• Stagnant August Hiring in U.S. May Signal Renewed Recession (Bloomberg) see also Obama Says His Jobs Plan Will Push for Rebuilding Nation’s Infrastructure (Bloomberg)
• China’s S-Shaped Threat (The Diplomat)
• A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war (Washington Post)
• This is why tomatoes now suck.(The Trueant Muse)
• Quantum minds: Why we think like quarks (New Scientist)

What are you reading?

Source: Clay Bennett

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