Meh! Bloomberg Market’s 50 Most Obvious

This week’s Bloomberg Markets Magazine has their list of the 50 most influential people in finance.

There 5 categories of 10 people each. Policy Makers, Bankers, Money Managers, Corporate Innovators, Thinkers.

The list is obvious, its boring, its predictable, and its filled with people who the media may consider influential by way of title, but in reality are unlikely to influence you, dear reader, the actual man in the trenches.

If you had to guess who the 50 are, you are likely to come up with at least half.

Influential to Mom & Pop on Main Street?  Maybe. Some halfwit congressman trolling for campaign contributions? Definitely.

But are these people influential to you, the self directed investor, the active trader, the Wall Street professional? I doubt it.

Which raise an interesting question: Who influences your thinking as investors? What people do you have to read? Who makes you stop when they come on TV and listen to what they have to say?

Who influences you . . . ?


Most Influential 50 in Global Finance List
Robert S. Dieterich
Bloomberg Markets Magazine, Sep 7, 2011

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