10 Friday AM Reads

Here is my end of week, end of Q morning reads:

• Asian Currencies Set for Worst Month Since 1997 Crisis Caused IMF Bailouts (Bloomberg)
• The Money Flow From Households to Health Care Providers (Economix)
• Regulatory uncertainty: A phony explanation for our jobs problem (Economic Policy Institute)
• It’s 1987 Without Bubble in Japan as Job Losses Spur Hollowing-Out Concern (Bloomberg)
• Europe moves toward bailout fund — knowing the real debate is to come (Washington Post) see also Morgan Stanley Seen as Risky as Italian Banks (Bloomberg)
• Turning America’s Downward Spiral Into a Virtuous Circle (Umair Haque)
No shit: BBC financial expert Alessio Rastani: ‘I’m an attention seeker not a trader’ (Telegraph)
• Playing With Fire: Amazon Launches $200 Tablet, Slashes Kindle Prices (Wired)
• Utilities Give Away Power as Sun Floods Grid (Bloomberg)
• Make Sure the Problem Is Not in Your Chair (NYT)

What are you reading?

via the New Yorker

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