Late Afternoon Reads

I’m sitting on the beach today. Much to Mrs Big Picture’s consternation, here’s what I am reading on the iPhone:

• HP Committed Corporate Suicide (Research Puzzle)
• Germany fires cannon shot across Europe’s bows (Telegraph)
• How to Get the Money Moving (Capital Gains and Games)
• Subprime Mortgage Bonds Getting AAA Rating S&P Denies to U.S. Treasuries (Bloomberg)
• Are there a whole lot more stupid people than there used to be? (Stonekettle Station)
• Welfare Rates Almost Unchanged During Recession (Miller McCune) see also Study confirms child hunger is a growing problem in rural areas (
• U.S. Moves Closer to Minority Majority (WSJ)
• An Accidental Housing Chief Embraces the Power of ‘No’ (WSJ)
• Reference Resources for the Budding Know-It-All (NYT)
• OnStar for All Who Have the Wherewithal (NYT)

What are you reading?

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