Marvelous, My Words


“Ahem. I’d like to take this opportunity to show you that I am standing here moving my lips and waving my arms. Indeed, words are coming from my mouth. I am earnest and sincere and if you pay close attention you will notice I am genuine too! No doubt you also noticed my erect posture, which implies I am confident and also sure of myself.

At times I may be pedantic and other times “a man-of-the-people” — either way you can be sure I have wisdom because I am giving you advice and we have never met. Occasionally I use big words like “pedantic” or “macro-prudential” or “counter-factual”, or even words I make up like or “hyper-connected”. I may not always know what these words mean but it is important to say them a lot because you do not use them. Sometimes I do something idiotic common so that you can relate to me (you’re welcome ). But enough about me…

Yes, I may be a recognized thought leader and yes, I may be more beautifully and wonderfully made than you but please always remember that we – you and I — exist symbiotically (look it up). I talk so you don’t have to think, and I humbly offer all I have learned and all I know in service to you. Thank you, turn up the volume, and please remember to tip your waiters.”


Paul Brodsky & Lee Quaintance run QB Partners, a private macro-oriented investment fund based in New York.

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