TBP’s 30 Most Influential Finance Sources

Last week, I lamented that the Bloomberg 50 was a disappointingly obvious list (the event was quite good, however).

Following that (Meh!) complaint, I asked readers who was their most influential managers, thinkers, traders and strategists — who impacted their trading, thinking and investment process more than the rest of the chattering classes.

For obvious reasons, I excluded myself & TBP (the sample group of TBP is biased).

Well, you responded in force. Almost 500 votes were submitted for 90+ people. The list ranged far and wide, with many nominees. I thought it was more intriguing than the Business Week piece, with far less sell side names and far more interesting, thoughtful suggestions. Kudos to TBP readers for your intriguing perspectives.

This is the list you, the home viewer, came up with:

Asset Managers



1. Jeremy Grantham James Grant Naked Capitalism
2. Jim Rogers Robert Shiller John Mauldin
3. John Hussman Lakshman Achuthan Paul Krugman
4. George Soros Marc Faber ZeroHedge.com
5. Hugh Hendry David Rosenberg Calculated Risk
6. Bill Gross Chris Whalen Jesse’s Café Américain
7. Felix Zulauf Gary Shilling Mish
8. Seth Klarman James Montier Peter Brandt
9. Bill Fleckenstein Louise Yamada Robert Prechter
10. Howard Marks Nouriel Roubini FT Alphaville
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