10 Thursday PM Reads

Today’s train reading :

• Satyajit Das: ‘Financial TV is pornography’ (The Globe and Mail)
• Unemployment Re-Emerges as Most Important Problem in U.S. (Gallup) but see Ferrari Proves Recession Proof as Luxury Sells Out (Bloomberg)
• A Battle of the Yields: Stocks vs Bonds (Bespoke)
• Fortress Investment Changes Course, Likes Resurgent Dollar (WSJ)
• ‘Banks Apply Lever to Cash Positions (WSJ) see also ‘Tackling Reams of Bank Data Can Take Diligence, and Trust (ProPublica)
• Richard Russell: 12 Tips For The New Normal (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• The Beginning of the End for Suburban America? (The Atlantic)
• How Hollywood Accounting Can Made Return of the Jedi ($450M box office) ‘Unprofitable’ (The Atlantic)
• ‘For morning TV’s ‘bookers,’ a constant race to secure ratings-grabbing guests (Washington Post)
• The Future of Light Is the LED (Wired)

What are you reading?


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