Who Killed Bear Stearns ?

Lehman Brothers collapsed three years ago on September 15, 2008, and nearly brought the entire financial system down with it. But Lehman wasn’t the first casualty of the financial crisis. Six months earlier, Bear Stearns gave the world a preview of what was to happen to Lehman. So to understand what took down Lehman, you first have to understand what brought down the Bear.

WHITEBOARD SPECIAL: Lehman Brothers, three years on from Marketplace on Vimeo.

In this special episode of The Whiteboard, Sr. Editor Paddy Hirsch teams up with illustrator and journalist Dan Archer to tell the story of the financial collapse from the fall of Bear Stearns through the financial collapse into 2009. Watch the video introduction and click through the six chapter links on the right to read the full story in comic book format.

Written by Paddy Hirsch; Images and animation by Dan Archer; Video by Angela Kim.

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