10 Friday AM Reads

Yeah, its Friday! Some reads to start your end of week:

• Economy in U.S. Surpasses Pre-Recession Level (Bloomberg)
• The tricky path toward greater fiscal integration (Economist) but see Greece Will Eventually Leave Euro Even With Bailout Agreement, Rogoff (Bloomberg)
• Ms. Rand, Meet Singapore. Mr. Hayek, Meet Norway. (Businessweek)
• Groupon and Zynga: What Happened One Share, One Vote? (WSJ)
• A Special Offer from America’s Corporations (Guardian) see also Goldman Bullies Teeny Credit Union that #OccupyWallStreet Uses (naked capitalism)
• Harp-ing on about housing (Alphaville)
• Squeezed Dry: Why Americans Work So Hard but Feel So Poor (The Atlantic)
• Climate Change Deniers Abandon ‘Befuddled Warmist’ Physicist Who Came Around On Global Warming (TPM)
• What’s Really Next for Apple in Television (Bits)
• Driven: 2012 Audi A7 (Automobile Mag)

What are you reading?


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