10 Friday Reads

Here are some reads to end your week:

• Tired of Ups and Downs, Investors Say, ‘Let Me Out!’ (WSJ)
• What Is Obama’s Actual Record on Creating Jobs? (Hint: Not very good) (Pro Publica)
• BOE Loses Faith in Europe, Announces Stimulus (Bloomberg)
• Cheat Sheet: Details of the Long-Awaited Volcker Rule (American Banker) see also The Multibillion-Dollar Leak (WSJ)
• With Time Running Short, Jobs Managed His Farewells (NYT) see also Book Business Sees a Bonanza in a Forthcoming Biography (NYT)
• How well do AM Futures correspond with closing prices? (Managed Futures)
• Ghosts Could Be Lurking in Banking Machines (WSJ)
• 7 Top Republicans Who Taxed the Super Rich (The Fiscal Times)
• Is JP Morgan Getting a Good Return on $4.6 Million “Gift” to NYC Police? (Like Special Protection from Occupy WallStreet?) (Naked Capitalism) see also The Case for Using Predator Drone Strikes Against Wall Street Executives (Rude Pundit)
WTF?! Oral Sex May Cause More Throat Cancer Than Smoking in Men, Researchers Say (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


via the New Yorker

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