10 Monday AM Reads

Here are my early morning reading material:

• Stock Surge Has Its Skeptics (WSJ)
• Germany Shoots Down ‘Dreams’ of Swift Crisis Solution (Bloomberg)
• U.S. Economy Trapped by Its Circle of Strife (WSJ)
• Oh, how the mighty have fallen:
….-Pimco’s Gross Tells Clients 2011 a ‘Stinker’ (Bloomberg)
….-A Golden Touch Turns Leaden (NYT)
• Volcker Rule Divides Regulators (DealBook)
• Occupy Wall Street Spreads:
….-Wall Street Protests Spread to Four Continents (Bloomberg)
….-Why Occupy Wall Street Doesn’t Need to Articulate a Damn Thing (Rude Pundit)
….-Occupy Wall Street: More popular than you think (CBS News)
….-Welcome To The Occupations: LA Edition (LA Review Of Books)
….-I Support The Occupy Movement – Banner Project (Jeff Couturier)
….-‘Occupy’ protests go global, riding wave of economic frustration (CS Monitor)
….-OWS: Not Just Hippies Suzanne (Reformed Broker)
• Europe: Just Getting Warmed Up (Hussman Funds) see also Bankers Balk at EU Push for Bigger Greek Losses, Higher Capital (Bloomberg)
• Technology 3-fer:
….-Kindle Challenge to iPad Narrows Amazon Margins (Bloomberg)
….-Dell PC Slide Makes Citrix Into M&A Target (Bloomberg)
….-Battered, RIM Pins Hopes on Next Wave of Devices (NYT)
• GOP Candidates Ignore Elephant in the Room (Barron’s)

What are you reading?


This Occupation is going too well . . .

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