10 Tuesday AM Reads

These are my morning reading materials:

Hulbert: How not to seek dividend income (Marketwatch)
• ‘Dark Pool’ Settlement Shines Light on Potential Abuses (WSJ)
• HFT: Is There Still Juice in the Oranges? (All About Alpha)
• Fresh Worries of Recession Grip Europe (WSJ) see also Penny Wise and Euro Foolish (Hussman Funds)
• More tablets means video hogs even more bandwidth (Gigaom)
• Apple TV Effort Said to Be Led By ITunes Creator (Bloomberg) see also Steve Jobs Told Cook ‘Just Do What’s Right’ (Bloomberg)
• Secrets are safe as WikiLeaks, starved of funds, halts operations (Christian Science Monitor)
• The Romney Economy (NY Mag) see also What 2012 election means for stocks (Market Watch)
• The world’s population has more than doubled since I was born (what happened since you were born?) (Guardian)
• Blogging the Stanford Machine Learning Class (Slate)

What are you reading?


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