Ferrari 458 Spider

From Jan Baedeker:

A few years ago you would have described a Ferrari as emotional and racy, or perhaps moody and diva-ish – but practical? From Turin to Naples, the excitably opinionated Italians would have been collectively dropping their espresso cups. But Maranello has learned that emotion and everyday usability are not necessarily mutually exclusive. On the contrary, at a time when real men are not ashamed to chauffeur the children to school and then do a spot of organic food shopping, a real macho sports car must also be practical. Provided, of course, that at times it offers rather more than that. Much more. This is the promise of the 458 Spider unveiled at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. To prove its point, Ferrari has rounded up a tiny group of journalists in Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy, where it’s the beginning of October and the climate is still balmy. Before the group embarks west towards La Spezia and the Mediterranean, the initial focus is on the theory.

Source: Classic Driver

Photos by Ferrari

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