Forbes Interview on Markets, Berkshire, Nasdaq, Visa

Here is an interview I did last week (October 18)

Ritholtz, CEO and Director of Equity Research, Fusion IQ

Barry Ritholtz: We’ve been pretty cautious. Today (October 18) turned out to be a really fortuitous day to have this conversation, because back on August 1st of this year we sold off our higher beta, higher risk names. We moved out of small caps; we moved out of technology; and we moved out of emerging markets. We just looked at the risk/reward ratio, and thought, “Hey, these seem to be breaking down. Technically — they’re not as cheap as they once were — and a lot of these are overbought and due for a major correction.”

The market didn’t quite correct 20%, but those names fell much more. So we were happy to step out. Our managed portfolios were about 50% bonds and cash, 50% deep value, dividend payers — pretty conservative equity positions. Today, we happen to have added a number of names to the portfolio. From a macro perspective, we’re looking at three things that are making us – at least for a couple of months – a little more constructive.

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