Black Friday Reads

Reading for your mass consumerism pleasure:

• Why We (USA) Spend, Why They (Europe) Save (NYT)
• Economic News We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving (Daily Beast)
• Black Friday
…..-Friday’s Deals May Not Be the Best (NYT)
…..-The Limits of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (WSJ)
…..-Black Friday Sales ’About Same’ as 2010 (Bloomberg)
• The Fraying of China’s Gilded Age (Diplomat)
• How Germany Can Save the Euro (Vox EU)
• Patently American How the U.S. can sharpen its innovative edge (City-Journal)
• The Mortgage of the Future (Businessweek)
• Confidence Game: The limited vision of the news gurus (Columbia Journalism Review)
• Hidden iPhone Tricks: Secret Keyboard and Panoramic Photos (Time)
• The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the designer of the original icons for the Macintosh (NeuroTribes)

What are you reading?


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Hat tip Dont Tread on Me

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