10 Many Monday AM Reads

Some reads to start your morning:

Kenneth Rogoff:  A Gravity Test for the Euro (Project Syndicate) see also Europe’s leaders have agreed on how to prop up the euro. For now (Economist)
• Credit Unions Poach Clients (WSJ)
• Europe’s rescue fiasco leaves Italy defenceless (Telegraph) see also For Markets in Europe, the Focus of Fear Moves to Italy (NYT)
• Capitalism can’t just be about money (Tim Harford)
Simon Johnson: Middle Class Pays for Financial Market Mistakes (Bloomberg) see also Time to turn outrage over bank fees toward entire financial industry (LA Times)
Bob, You’re too kind! Mayor Bloomberg Makes The Big Lie; Exonerates Banks (Forbes)
• Bond Investors Sit on Hands (WSJ) see also Stocks or Bonds for the Next 30 Years? (Motley Fool)
• Can Anyone Really Create Jobs? (NYT Magazine)
• Wall Street’s resurgent prosperity frustrates its claims, and Obama’s (Washington Post) see also Investors Can’t See Banks for the Hedges (WSJ)
• Apple’s Freebie IPhone Pits Premium Brand Against Bargain Fare (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


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