OPEN THREAD: Indicators for Investing & Trading

I was out of the office today, did I miss anything?

Today’s bloodbath is as good a time as any to announce a new project I am working on: Your favorite market, economic, trading and investing indicators.

What do you think is important? What mileposts do you watch most closely?

The answers to these questions may find themselves in a working paper or even a book (someday). Over the short term, they will end up posted right here.

My short list includes several broad categories of factors that can impact future market returns. The caveat is that they should be easily quantifiable — turned into a numerical series or static reading — and not a squishy, subjective opinion.

My broad categories looks something like this:

• Valuation

• Trend/Momentum

• Sentiment

• Market Internals/Technicals

• Economy

I have two wide question groups for y’all:

1) Are these 5 categories enough? Are there other broad topic areas worth including?

2) What are your favorite indicators? What has your experience been with them? Why do you like them? Are they reliable?

Feel free to share your deepest darkest trading secrets right here.

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