10 Tuesday AM Reads

You can either stare at the red on your screens, or you can read these:

• A Month to Remember for Markets (WSJ) but a week to forget so far!
• Markets Slide After Surprise Referendum Is Set by Greece (NYT)
• Hong Kong Home Prices May Fall 45%: Barclays (Bloomberg)
• One Analyst Is Detailing His ‘Fight’ (WSJ) see also  6 things no one will tell you about MF Global (Market Watch)
• Corzine Crashes Like It’s 2008 (NYT) see also It’s Lonely Without the Goldman Net (DealBook)
• Japan: Damaged reactors at nuclear plant could take 30 years to retire (CNN)
• Bloomberg Tech 2 fer
…..-Groupon IPO a Must as Cash Needs Climb With Investor Tally: Tech (Bloomberg)
…..-Yahoo Said to Lean Toward Dividend, Buyback Rather Than Sale (Bloomberg)
Kahneman: How cognitive illusions blind us to reason (Guardian)
Today’s WTF headline: Ferrari sees ‘one of best years’ despite downturn (AFP)
• My One Year Blogiversary – What I’ve Learned (James Altucher)

What are you reading?


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