10 Weekend Reads

These are the long form reads I simply did not get to this week. They are my weekend reading:

• Researching Equity Managers and Mutual Funds (Litman Gregory)
• Europe’s Banks Turned to Safe Bonds and Found Illusion (NYT)
• Why the Rich Get More Time With Congresspeople (WSJ)
• Swallowing Austerity Turns Into Irish Way as Strikes Grip South (Bloomberg)
• Obama’s Flunking Economy: The Real Cause (NY Review Of Books)
• A Gold Rush of Subsidies in the Search for Clean Energy (NYT)
• Steve Jobs’ Liberal, Hippie Education (Forbes)
• Google’s Chief Works to Trim a Bloated Ship (NYT)
• Americanisation survey: the results (Economist)
• Eddie Murphy: The Rolling Stone Interview (Rolling Stone)

What’s on your Instapaper?


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