Weekend Reads

Some longer form reading to kick off your Sunday AM. Pour a cup of joe, grab your favorite chair & iPad, and have at it:

PIMCO blows a kiss to Fed Chief: Ben Bernanke, The Decider (Pimco)
• How Wall Street Occupied America (The Nation) see also Bloomberg’s Long War Against Protests (The Atlantic Cities)
This is your brain on Credit: Researchers Show Using Credit Card Induces Euphoria (Red Tape)
• The American-Western European Values Gap (Pew Global)
These guys don’t screw around! Chinese Fund Managers Sentenced to Death after Cheating Investors out of $1 Billion USD (The China Money Report)
• Millionaires ask Capitol Hill: Please tax me more! (Boston.com)
• NPR, Ayn Rand, And The Zombies From Outer Space (Stonekettle Station) see also 100,000 ‘Atlas Shrugged’ DVDs Recalled for Perfectly Hilarious Reason (Gawker)
• The Palinization of the GOP (Washington Post)
• Nook’s Specs Are Exaggerated, Again (NYT) see also Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos (The Register)
• 2M nanorods crammed into cancer cell (Futurity)

What are you reading?

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