Fitch comments on EU summit results

After Moody’s did earlier today, Fitch is giving its thoughts on Friday’s EU summit. “It seems that a ‘comprehensive solution’ to the current crisis is not on offer.” They acknowledged the initiation of an “institutional and policy framework for a more viable eurozone and ultimately greater fiscal union, but taking the gradualist approach imposes additional economic and financial costs compared with an immediate comprehensive solution. It means the crisis will continue at varying levels of intensity throughout 2012 and probably beyond, until the region is able to sustain broad economic recovery.” Fitch didn’t define what a ‘comprehensive solution’ would look like however. On the ECB Fitch believes they are “the only truly credible firewall against liquidity and even solvency crisis in Europe.” “Hopes that the ECB would step up its actions in support of its sovereign shareholders as a quid pro quo for institutional and legal changes that gave the ECB greater confidence in the long run commitment of eurozone governments to fiscal discipline appear to have been misplaced.” It is this lack of ECB step up in its actions that I believe the markets are most upset with.

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