Most Surprising Photos of 2011

Some of these 42 photos from Time are really interesting:


People are dwarfed by the structure of “Supertrees” seen against the financial skyline of Singapore. These “Supertrees” are vertical gardens, embedded with environmentally sustainable functions and range from 25-50-meters in height, and are part of the government’s efforts to bring their national gardens into the city center.


A sedated black rhino is carried by military helicopter away from a poaching area in the hills of the Eastern Cape in South Africa to a new home 15 miles away. The World Wildlife Fund organized the move of 1,000 rhinos, which are under threat from poachers across Africa because of the market value of their horns.


An area destroyed by wildfire surrounds a water tower in Bastrop, Texas. The fire has destroyed more than 600 homes and blackened about 45 square miles in and around Bastrop.

Source: Time

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