10 Tuesday AM Reads

This morning’s reading:

• What Was the Most Important Market Day of 2011? (Stock Sage)
• 9 part series: Astonishing Collapse of MF Global (Motley Fool)
• In search of a theory of deep downturns (Economist)
• FBI Runs ‘Perfect Hedge’ to Nab Inside Traders (Bloomberg) see also Closer Look at S.E.C.’s Mortgage Fraud Charges (DealBook)
• Why ‘I Don’t Know’ Is Often Your Best Money Answer (NYT)
• Just Don’t Call It a ‘Bailout’ (WSJ) see also U.K. Backs Sweeping Bank Reforms (WSJ)
• U.K. to EU, IMF: Drop Dead (Bloomberg)
Today’s WTF headline: As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit (BetaBeta)
• Alarm as Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu (Independent)
• Louis C. K.’s Blue Collar in First Class (NYT) also, Video here

WhatTF are you reading?

What Bailout?
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Source: WSJ

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