10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• What is the value-added of managers  – and the all too common mistake of confusing charisma with management skills: Football’s best managers (FT.com) see also Weaning Off ‘Alternative’ Investments (WSJ)
• The Baltic Dry Meltdown Continues (WSJ)
• Are Companies More Powerful Than Countries? (Time)
• U.S. Stocks in Longest Valuation Slump Since Nixon (Bloomberg)
• ROBERT SHILLER: A Housing Bottom? What Are They Thinking? (Business Insider)
• The Yin and the Yang of Corporate Innovation (NYT)
• Wealth can be a political burden (Washington Postsee also How Romney’s Tax Rate Stacks Up To Recent Presidential Candidates’ (TPM)
NYT Goes Deeper on Chinese Apple Factory Working Conditions: Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad (NYT)
• Fighting Bullshit (MOJO: Parts 1 and Part 2)
Hilarious Tumblr blog: Newt Gingrich Judges You (Newt Gingrich Judges You)

What are you reading?

2009 low vs 1974

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