Revolt of the Insiders

A few months ago, I did an interview with and took some photos for a piece in January 2012 Money magazine. The scrum of photographer’s crew during the outdoor shots was absurdly hilarious. The full piece has now been published online.

It was a privilege to be included in this group: Mutual fund manager John Hussman, former Credit Suisse housing analyst Laurie Goodman; banking analyst Mike Mayo, and lil old me.

The overarching theme in the four part piece is about Wall Street Insiders who are none too happy with the state of their industry — not the usual criticisms about too much regulation, but rather, us being mortified at what the industry has become.

The article actually came out well — you can see all four of them here:

Me: Why Wall Street watchdogs won’t bite
Bank analyst Mike Mayo: Fix shareholder rights
Money manager John Hussman: 1 bailout equals endless bailouts
Housing analyst Laurie Goodman: 1 bailout America needs

I am never comfortable having my picture taken, and you can see the obvious reason why below.

It looks like the photographer had me fire up a big fattie just before he took this photo; Of course, that is the one which ran in Money Magazine:>
Dude, Where are the Doritos?

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