Florida’s Foreclosure Crisis Is a Law UNEnforcement Issue

Earlier this week, we discussed whether Lender Processing Services deserved the “Corporate Death Penalty“.  You can see all of our prior LPS discussions are here.

I bring this up because there is a fascinating post over at Reality Check, which declares Florida’s new AG Pam Bondi “the BFF of foreclosure fraudsters” such as LPS. (I will have more on Bondi later this week).

It is well worth your time to plow through this full discussion, including the links.

If it gets too depressing, then simply shift your reading to any of Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen’s hilarious novels. If you want to learn what a swamp of corruption Florida is, how the nexus between RE developers and political hacks has helped create a fetid atmosphere of influence peddling — and have a good chuckle in the process — than he is your man.

Best of all, you can pretend that these novels are all fiction.

Unless you are a homeowner in Florida, who has been defrauded by corrupt law firms and document fraud, living in a state where the AG in the pocket of the Fraudsters. Then you are pretty much fucked.

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