Thursday PM Reads

My train reading:

• Economists vs. Americans (Real Time Economics) see also Not all jobs are equal (LA Times)
• China’s Connectivity Revolution (Project Syndicate) see also The paradox of prosperity (Economist)
• New-home purchases fall, 2011 worst ever for sales (Yahoo Fiannce)
• Adding Weapons to ATM Defenses (WSJ)
• Amazon’s Hit Man (Businessweek)
• Romney Can Thank The Supreme Court For Newt Gingrich’s Extended Campaign (TPM)
• Apple vs. PC Shipments: “PC” Decline Worse Than Reported (The Small Wave) see also In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad (NYT)
• Oldest dinosaur nest site found (BBC)
• Meet the Marriage Killer (WSJ)
• “What if…” Movies reimagined for another time & place… (Behance Network)

What are you reading?


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