I Love Lucy: The Complete Series: $70

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series (1951)

I know this is comedy blasphemy, but I have to admit to never being a big Lucy fan. When I was growing up, the reruns were ubiquitous, on constantly. Maybe I got bored with them. I always found them over broad slapstick. Ball’s movie roles on the other hand were more reigned in, much subtler and funnier to me. Perhaps its the era — other than the outtakes, I never thought Johnny Carson was particularly amusing either.

I am in the minority — this is one of the most beloved TV comedies of all time. All 9 seasons plus extras outtakes and bonus features. The list price is $235.98, but their one day sale has the 34 DVDs, 5394 minutes, on sale for $70.49.

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