10 Friday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Did Goldman Sachs Call the Top? (WSJ) see also Bullish Sentiment Among Active Traders Jumps to Highest Level in Four Years, Says New Schwab Survey (Charles Schwab)
Secular Trends: Are the Good Times Never Coming Back? (Economix)
• Are We About to Eclipse Mideast Oil Output? (Barron’s) see also U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence (NYT)
• BofA Tests an Option to Foreclosure (WSJ)
• The rich versus the seething masses (Reuters) see also The hypocrisy of Wall Street “capitalism” (Salon)
• FRED is Awesome (Business Insider)
Insider trading bill: A model to end gridlock on Congress? (CS Monitor)
• Beyond Etch A Sketch: Voters Wonder, Which Mitt Would Govern? (The Atlantic)
Heatgate or Hype? Thermal imaging of new iPad vs. iPad 2 (photo) (BoingBoing)
• At 2,500 Pounds And 43 Feet, Prehistoric Snake Is Largest On Record (Science Daily)

What are you reading?


SEC Probes Rapid Trading

Source: (WSJ)

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