Mid-Week PM Reads

My afternoon train reading, filled with WTF headlines:

WTF! Apple Eyeing $960, May Settle For Six-Handle (For Today, At Least) (WSJ) see also Apple Drives Record $1.24T of Company Cash (Bloomberg)
• WTF? Germany Fails To Meet Its Own Austerity Goals (Spiegel Online)
• 10 reasons Wall Street will hit bottom, (WTF!) crash (Market Watch) see also An interesting model of asset bubbles (Noahpinion)
• US Federal Tax Receipts (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
• MBIA cries discovery abuse; BofA counters with grandstanding claim (Reuters) see also BofA Makes a Deal on Side (WSJ)
• Generation Stuck: Why Don’t Young People Move, Anymore? (The Atlantic)
• Rent-Seeking: A Primer (Freeman Online)
Over the rainbow: If there are better ways to split atoms, they will be a long time coming (Economist)
• Lost Leonardo da Vinci found (National Geographic)
• As told by Christopher Hitchens: Heaven can wait (Washington Monthly)

What are you reading?

Scorecard for New Bank Stress Tests

Source: NYT

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