Reader Poll: Where Does Geithner Go After Treasury?

Interesting Exchange with a friend who lives Near Tim Geithner in Westchester:

M: Saw him twice today here in Larchmont. His family must have moved back already. Probably a while ago.

Barry: Never sold the house, did he?

M: Doesn’t look like it. I’d bet the family has been living here for a year. They’ll sell and move when he gets his next job, though.

B: Does he go to Goldie or do they have no use for him now/it looks too quid pro quo?

M: I’d say the options are: BoA in a role like Rubin’s at Citi; Pimco to do something just judging by recent hiring trends; or  PE firm like Carlyle that’s looking to do banking deals

B: Let the crowd decide: “Where will Timmy Go?

M: Sounds good. Hard to imagine he could go to a big bank. The optics would be terrible.

Optics aside, this does raise a fascinating question: Where will the former NY Fed chair/current Treasury Secretary end up?

Let’s turn this to and open thread: Where does Timmy end up and why?

Some ideas:

Goldman Sachs
Big Bank (BAC/Merrill, Morgan Stanley)
Bond shop (PIMCO)
Big Hedge Fund
Private Equity/Venture Capital

So there are a few of my ideas,m but I want to hear yours about where the Treasury Secretary goes to collect his Lucre after his “public service.”

What say ye?

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