10 Weekend Reads

Some longer reads for the weekend:

• Did Corzine direct Segregated Client Account money be used to pay overdrawn accounts to JPM?
…..-MF Global’s Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JP Morgan, Memo Says (Bloomberg)
…..-New Details Emerge on MF Global, but No Smoking Gun (Dealbook)
…..-Email Ties Corzine to Missing Funds (WSJ)
Housed: Is homeownership, despite three presidents’ best efforts, out of reach for the sinking middle-class? Good riddance, says one former homeowner (Guernica Mag)
• Madoff FBI Files Reveal How He Fooled His Own Employees (Bloomberg)
• 2009: As Goldman Thrives, Some Say an Ethos Has Faded (NYT) see also More Than Culture Shifted On Wall Street (Wired)
• Where’s _why? (Slate)
• Dangerous Minds: An Inquiry into the History of Psychoanalysis (Literary Review)
• How Obama Tried to Sell Out Liberalism in 2011 (NY Mag)
• Israelis Grow Confident Strike on Iran’s Nukes Can Work (Bloomberg) see also Oil Prices Spike Exacerbated By Wall Street Speculation, Federal Reserve Study Finds (Huff Post)
• What Happens When A 35-Year-Old Man Retakes The SAT? (DeadSpin)
• The evolution of death (Salon)

What are you reading?


Tax Breaks Exceed $1 Trillion: Report

Source: WSJ

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