10 Monday PM Reads

Afternoon train reading:

• Facebook Agrees to Buy Instagram Photo App for $1 Billion (Bloomberg) see also AOL Strikes $1.1 Billion Patent Deal With Microsoft (DealBook)
• Massive, Catastrophic Spike in Interest Rates Still Not Happening (WSJ)
• Peak Exorbitant Privilege (FOFOA)
• Measuring Up Citigroup vs Bank of America (NYT) see also Why It’s Impossible For Goldman To Be Wrong About The Stock Market (Business Insider)
• Make Your Taxes Disappear! (MoJo)
• Medical tourism blooms: Club Med (New Yorker)
• Now Can We Start Talking About the Real Foxconn? (Bloomberg) see also China faces ‘timebomb’ of ageing population (Guardian)
• On making a ruckus in your industry (Seth Godin)
Evolution Revolution: Edward O. Wilson’s Social Conquest of Earth (WSJ)
• A universe without purpose (LA Times)

What are you reading?
Obama’s jobs countdown

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