10 Thursday PM Reads

Afternoon Train Reading:

Crestmont: Stocks ‘Fairly’ Valued, But ‘No Doubt’ Secular Bear Market Intact (WSJ) see also Bears not rampant (Market Watch)
• Jobs News Could Be So Good That It’s Bad (WSJ)
• Is There a Fiscal Crisis in the United States? (Economix) see also Next Great Depression? MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030 (Yahoo News)
• Seattle Signals Glut Risk as Apartment Construction Rises (Bloomberg)
• Inside Amazon’s Idea Machine: How Bezos Decodes The Customer (Forbes) see also How Facebook Finds The Best Design Talent, And Keeps Them Happy (Fast Co.Design)
• Why “Don’t Be Evil” Is Evil, and Why Google Isn’t So Bad (Pando Daily)
• Why QE is being mis-sold (Alphaville) see also Why the Fed Will Intervene If Stocks Fall Too Far (CNBC)
All Things Digital iPhone two-fer:
…..-iPhone Outselling All Other Smartphones Combined at Sprint and AT&T (All Things D)
…..-Best Buy Is Selling Nearly as Many iPhones as Apple Itself (All Things D)
This is rather amusing: A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney (NYT) see also Why Republicans and Democrats Can’t Feel Each Other’s Pain (Time)
• Gods as Topological Invariants (Arxiv)

What are you reading?

German Pay Raise: Tonic or Inflationary?

Source: WSJ

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