Back in the Saddle

I am back home after a week abroad in a strange and fascinating foreign country (California). Futures are green today;  yesterday was a travel day, and hence, the ugliness in the Nasdaq, with Apple and Google dragging everything down.

It will take a day or so for me to re-acclimate, but home less than 24 hours and already my list of things that are annoying or erroneous (or both) grows. These pebbles in my shoe are often the source of whatever worthwhile reading you see here; (I am reluctant to call them pearls).

I have few interesting ideas kicking around in my head, and a couple of cool skunk work projects that are still in stealth mode. One is an eBook (hopefully ready end of Summer) and another is a crazy cool video project that uses an awesome new technology to create a video tv-like channel online.A few other longer term projects are still in their nascent stages.

More to come . . .



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