Mosquitos: What’s the Best Solution for Homeowners?

We live pretty close to the Sound (about 500 yards) and the mosquito problem last year was pretty bad.  Given the mild winter probably did little to keep the native population down, this summer is likely going to be pretty bad.

I am willing to try most anything to preempt these pesky varmints in my backyard — although my preference is to avoid anything that leads to debilitating neurological disease and a slow painful death; Also, toxic cancer causing chemicals are similarly to be avoided.

I am willing to try building a bat house, propane based solutions, organic sprays,  even the annoying bug zappers. Since I have no idea how bad this year will be, I am looking for two different possible suggestions:

• A reasonable cost repellent that eliminates annoying mosquito bites;

• A money-is-no-object-kill-the-bastards-dead-with-extreme-prejudice solution;

There are a number of urban anti-mosquito myths — Listerene, Bounce Dryer Sheets, bug zappers, etc. (none work). I’ve also heard of organic solutions that get added to your sprinkler system, but they have a reputation for gunking up the heads.

Any ideas?

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