10 Friday AM Reads

My early morning reads:

• Whom Should We Prevent From Blowing Themselves Up, And Why? (Dealbreaker)
• New Signs of Global Slowdown (WSJ) see also America’s Shield Against Chinese Contagion (WSJ)
• Dunkelberg: The Real Banking Crisis – They’re Too Big to Manage (CNBC)
• Leaving Facebookinstan (New Yorker) see also Facebook Shows There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute (WSJ)
• Bank of America, MERS Lose Bid to Dismiss Texas Fee Suit (Businessweek)
• Corporate Lobbying Group Asks Supreme Court Not To Use “Empirical Evidence” Of Corruption When Reconsidering Citizens United (Republic Report)
• Senators put federal regulators, not JPMorgan, on the hot seat (Washington Post)
• Bill Clinton’s $80 Million Payday, or Why Politicians Don’t Care That Much About Reelection (Naked Capitalism)
• Sunscreen Lobby Limits Regulatory Burn (OpenSecret)
• The Grown-Up’s Guide to Summer Movies (WSJ)

What are you reading?


Some Investors Get Defensive

Source: WSJ

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