10 Mid-Week AM Reads

My morning reading material:

• Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: MBS trustees and put-backs (Reuters)
• U.S. Millionaires Told Go Away as Tax Evasion Rule Looms (Bloomberg)
• Builder Is Constructing REIT for Home Rentals (WSJ) see also Let’s go buy a house! (Reuters)
• Getting Our Arms Around Labor Force Participation With Two Fed Studies (Next New Deal)
• Why France Has So Many 49-Employee Companies (Businessweek)
• It’s All About the Fraud: Madoff, MF Global & Antonin Scalia (Institutional risk Analyst)
• Two Yahoo Political WTFs?!?
…..-Richard Mourdock defeats Sen. Dick Lugar in Indiana (Yahoo News)
…..-Private Jobs Increase More With Democrats in White House (Yahoo Finance)
• ‘One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection’ (BBC News)
• Jon Stewart, Religion Teacher Extraordinaire (Religion and Politics)
• The brain… it makes you think. Doesn’t it? (The Guardian)

What are you reading?


Gold Loses Its Sparkle

Source: WSJ

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