Greeks want to stay

As the June 17th Greek election Part 2 is going to be crafted to be an up or down vote on euro membership, BN is reporting the results of a Greek public issue poll broadcasted on SKAI TV in Athens. The results: 85% want the euro, 12% don’t, with the balance I guess flipping a coin. The Syriza party head wants to stay in the euro but also says screw the EU on the current austerity plans and is playing a game of chicken with the Germans. If the Greek people understand the risks of leaving become highly likely if Syriza leader wins and based on the poll just given, the Greek election just may end like it was thought to the first time prior with New Democracy leader Samaras as the new PM with a coalition government. Greece will then live to fight another day against their creditors but at least within the euro.

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