10 Friday AM Reads

My early morning reads:

• China rate cut sparks fears of grim May data (Reuters) see also China Reduces Interest Rates For First Time Since 2008 (Bloomberg)
• Dividend Bubble Yet to Build (WSJ)
• Accounting Backfired at MF Global (NYT) see also Bank of America, MBIA In $3 Billion Game Of Chicken (Forbes)
• Can You Yell ‘Run’ in a Crowded Bank? (CS Monitor)
• Nasdaq’s Facebook Plan Draws Wall Street’s Ire (WSJ)
•Today’s Keynsian/Supply Side two-fer:
…..Gold: It’s time to bury supply-side economics (Market Watch)
…..Krugman: Reagan Was a Keynesian (NYT)
Friday funny: Analysts Now Have New Terminology for Rating Stocks (Market Squeeze)
• EU High-Frequency Trade Curbs May Hurt Markets, Industry Warns (Bloomberg) see also The Fed surprises, embraces Basel III Capital regulations (WSJ)
• There’s No Such Thing As A Sold Out Concert (Even For Justin Bieber) (NPR)
• Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook (Ad Age)

What are you reading?


Stock Rally Snags on Gloom

Source: WSJ

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