10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Avoiding unforced errors in investing (Abnormal Returns)
• The Perils of Prophecy (Project Syndicate)
• Barclays’ gift to private antitrust plaintiffs in Libor case (Reuters)
• Europe’s Mightiest Banks Still Grapple With Crisis (NYT) see also European Banks Are Facing More Pain In Spain (WSJ)
• Krugman & Layard: A manifesto for economic sense (FT.com) see also Europe’s Optional Catastrophe (Foreign Affairs)
The Lipstick Indicator: Lipstick, the Recession and Evolutionary Psychology (Scientific American)
• More Housing Optimism: After Years of False Hopes, Signs of a Turn in Housing (NYT) this is misplaced IMO
• Obama and Roberts Legacies Are Intertwined (WSJ) see also Obama’s Legacy at Risk After Winning Health-Care Fight (Bloomberg)
• In China, Banks Pitch Yield (WSJ)
• Analysts Hit the Tepid Button on Facebook (WSJ) see also Twitter prepares curbs on hate speech (FT.com)

What are you reading?

World GDP

Source: Economist

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