10 Tuesday AM Reads

Back from Bloomberg TV, ready with some not-so-early morning reads:

Hulbert: The Correction is close to being over (Market Watch)
WTF? U.S. Multinationals Lobby to Alter Tax Rules They Sought (Bloomberg)
• Worst Week Ever for US Economic Indicators? (Bespoke Invest) see also The Canary in the Economic Coal Mine (WSJ)
• Lock In Low Rates for the Long Haul (The Street)
• New York AG hires prosecutor for mortgage probe (Reuters)
• Rich Nontaxpayers (Economix)
• Securitize the Queen (Bright Green)
• Apple and Google Expand Their Battle to Mobile Maps (WSJ)
• Is Facebook still cool? (Market Watch) see also Facebook Hits New Low After Bernstein Questions Stock (Bloomberg)
• Paul McCartney Reveals Post-Beatles Booze Struggles (Yahoo Music)

What are you reading?


Source: WSJ

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