10 Thursday AM Reads

My early morning reads:

• Clock Is Ticking on Fin Crisis Legal Charges (WSJ)
• Fed officials are worried about economy, divided over what to do about it (Washington Post) see also Fed Is Torn on Tipping Point for Action (NYT)
• China as a post-capital economy (FT Alphaville)
• Only Government Intervention Can Stop Corrupt Capitalism (The Atlantic)
• Quirks of Bond Indexing (WSJ)
• Why Millions of Americans Still Can’t Refinance Their Mortgage (CNBC)
• Do the Rich Deserve Their Wealth? (WSJ) see also Only Half of Americans Exceed Parents’ Wealth (Economix)
• Investors Caught With Stars in Their Eyes (WSJ)
• Scientists confirm existence of dark galaxies (A Slash Gear)
• Tech Gadges: It Never Gets Better (BuzzFeed)

What are you reading?


Biggest transnational companies

Source: Economist

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