10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• A Brief History of Money (Spectrum)
• S&P 500 Has Longest Drop Since May Amid Earnings Concern (Bloomberg) see also S&P 500 Consensus Expected Earnings (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
• Federal Reserve Of New York Proposed Reforms For Libor Issues In 2007 To 2008 (HuffPost)
• Farrell: Four fiscal cliffs ahead, and a jobs war (Market Watch)
• The negative fear bubble (FT.com)
• In Lost Opportunity of 1932, Are There Lessons for Today? (Economix)
• Wall Street Short on Ethics, Report Finds (HuffPost)
• Let’s Try to Think This iPad Mini Thing All the Way Through (Daring Fireball)
• How Big Music Threatened Startups and Killed Innovation (Torrent Freak)
• Baseball’s First All-Star Game, a Gimmick That Endured (Echoes)

What are you reading?


Bank profits head east

Source: NYT

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